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Pomander balls (from the French “pomme d'ambre”) since Medieval times, have been filled with mixed aromatic substances.  By freshening the air, scented petals or ambergris and herbs were thought able to ward off The Plague.  The fact that we are here to tell the tale is perhaps a tribute to the efficacy of these beautiful artefacts.

Our robust design is the result of many months of work and is based upon a silver and enamel pomander made by Christoff Wolf Ritter in Nuremberg around 1600.  Each segment retains a slice of orange sponge between stainless steel walls pierced to allow any fragrance that escapes to gently perfume the air.  The idea is to introduce liquid fragrance to any part of the structure, using the small siphon that is supplied.  When not in use, the pomander can be closed as pictured here. This will preserve expensive oils from evaporating away unappreciated. The eight segments can hold either the same fragrance, or each may hold a distinct oil so that the resulting melange can be as unique as you are.   Ne plus ultra.  The last word.

Full instructions are supplied so that this marvellous object will give years of service and become an heirloom you might like to pass on many years from now iwhen you too pass into the ether.

Chrome-plated and engineered from lathe-turned solid brass and die-cast zinc, this weighty and tactile objet d’art is almost too beautiful to use.  But, if you relent, you will find that any air freshener refills or any oils of your choice may be used to charge the reservoir sponges. 

The orange is 85mm diameter.

Eight segments of orange sponge covered with stainless steel may be removed one at a time to be cleaned and charged with fragrance.  Two screws hold each sponge segment in place. You will only need to do this if you wish to completely change the choice of fragrance.  You may use any liquid air freshener to charge each sponge.  We provide our small siphon for the purpose.  The pomander is supplied without any fragrance so that you may choose your own. 

TO OPEN THE CLOSED POMANDER: Press down on the central top chrome button and at the same time pull up on the lettered ring. The lettering on the ring says FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Now LET GO. This can all be managed with a deft movement of one hand, but it may be wise to practise a little first using two hands.

TO CLOSE THE OPEN POMANDER: Press down on the central top chrome button and after this, still holding down the button push DOWN on the lettered ring.  The lettering on the ring says FIRST IMPRESSIONS. The lettered ring will lock together all the orange segments when it is pushed home. Now LET GO. With practise this can be managed using one hand, but try it out first using two hands.

This is a fine piece of brass and chrome engineering of the finest quality.  We designed it robustly to provide many years of pleasure.  One of the most complex pieces we have ever made.

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Price: £35.00