Since 1975, manufacturers and designers of silver plated perfume bottles, boxes, fragrances, silver and jewellery, photoframes and antique replicas of sculptural forms.
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The most exotic, the most expensive and the most erotic of perfumes have always carried the blowsy charms of the "red light" districts of the world.  Soho and the many Mayfairs of London, in the evening, would not be the same without the language of flowers; Chanel, Guerlain, and all the other perfume houses whose very names are redolent with promise at the edge of the forbidden.  The familiar electric light bulb will soon be no more.  This will mean that such clear red light will soon pass from the earth.
About time too. To celebrate this fact, and so that we may recall costly courtesans of the past, we have matched an old-fashioned gardenia perfume and bottled just ONE HUNDRED numbered and certified bottles, made to look like a red light bulb.  We have always made unusual bottles, and if there is any justice, our own creations will be remembered along with all the other famous lovers, beauties and starlets of the past.
Our beautiful presentation box includes a numbered certificate and the words above.

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Price: £75.00

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