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TUBEROSE in crystalTUBEROSE in crystal
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TUBEROSE in crystal TUBEROSE in crystal TUBEROSE in crystal

TUBEROSE in crystal

The essence of TUBEROSE, pronounced tuber rose is the most expensive in the world, and can only be extracted soon after dawn, from the white fragrant blossoms each chosen by hand, by a process known as enfleurage whereby each tiny flower is painstakingly pressed, line by line, into flat pans of a neutral lard that takes up the precious perfume, also known as the absolute. The jasmine-like fragrance is priceless because it lasts so long. The main ingredient of our perfume is tuberose. Nature holds everything liquid in a drop. Our own specially designed bottle contains 40ml of this beautiful fragrance in much the same perfect way. The name alone. No other embellishment. Precious little. One of the most beautiful fragrances on earth. This tuberose perfume was written by Mary Chess a famous USA perfumer whose business is now no more. This was a favourite perfume of HM Queen Mother in England and was the basis of the Royal Warrant being granted to Mary Chess. This fragrance now is available nowhere else. Available in this 40ml teardrop design in glass or this HEAVY lead crystal or a trial 12ml size.


Dear Jane,
Sometime ago I asked you if you liked "feedback" & as you said "Yes" I wanted to relate a delightful happening.  I was in a very small branch of Marks & Spencer some weeks ago.  I was coming up a very narrow aisle with my trolley when a small queue of people squeezed past me.  As they go past a very handsome young man at the top of the line, turned, gave me a beaming smile and said "You smell divine!". I was so astonished I just said a stunned "Thank you".  I have had similar remarks before & when you are 80 compliments don't fly thick & fast as they once did and I was delighted.

I did hear that when Bette Davis was last interviewed here she was asked what lovely perfume she was wearing and she replied "Tuberose".  Needless to say I shall be sending another order soon. Sincerely B.L.Dowdell

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