Since 1975, manufacturers and designers of silver plated perfume bottles, boxes, fragrances, silver and jewellery, photoframes and antique replicas of sculptural forms.
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How much is POSTAGE & PACKING?

In the UK we charge £3.95 for all orders under £50.

For all other destinations in the world the charge is exactly the postage paid by us plus £2.  You may choose Datapost, Parcelforce or any other carrier to ensure express delivery.  We are happy to send FIRST CLASS POST or SPECIAL DELIVERY.  You will be charged exactly what it costs plus £2 handling charge.

You will not be able to calculate these costs on this website. Please e-mail us and we will work it out and get back to you.

If our checkout system does not cater for your country/item you will need to contact us by e-mail to finalise payment for this, after we have calculated the weight.


How long will it take to deliver my order?

EVERYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS IN STOCK. It will normally be posted within 24 hours; but to cut costs we usually use SECOND CLASS POST or the most economical service available.  If you wish to pay extra for FIRST CLASS or GUARANTEED NEXT DAY DELIVERY please let us know.  Our service is usually so speedy that you will only need to ask for this in an emergency.

Some items are made up especially:

1) PEARL STUDS are assembled to order with gold or silver fittings.

2) WRITING PAPER with your choice of address printed on it will usually take a day or two longer than an order without a special request.

The months between September and December are usually very busy, with the office open from seven in the morning until seven at night.  Please order as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Even at this time of the year orders usually leave within 24 hours of being placed.

How thick is your silver plating?

Most of our products are ornamental so do not require a thick covering of silver in the way that cutlery does.  Silver plating on all the brass jewellery and the pewter items cast in our workshops, is carried out in our own plating works at Highgate in Forest Row. First the products are plated with a thin surface of “bright acid copper”, and then a thicker hardwearing coat of nickel is applied.  The actual silver is only a few microns thick and in most cases we apply an antique aged finish on top of this to every piece that helps to preserve it.  The only jewellery that might require re-plating would be a silver plated pendant that has been worn continuously. In such a case we are happy to re-plate or replace the piece if you will pay the carriage both ways.


Does silver tarnish?

YES !  Using an abrasive polish will take some metal away every time from silver plate or solid silver.  Often the best solution for solid silver is to accept a shine that results from washing in soapy water.  It is the highly polished surfaces that tarnish before washed clean surfaces.  The easiest way to keep metal from tarnish is to use a SILVER CLOTH.  These are widely available but they are blue in colour and soon discolour.  We are the only company in the world to supply a cloth with the same qualities that is BLACK. You may order it on this website.