Since 1975, manufacturers and designers of silver plated perfume bottles, boxes, fragrances, silver and jewellery, photoframes and antique replicas of sculptural forms.
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We have produced a catalogue in time for Christmas every year since 1986.  We never date them because most of the items are made or designed in Forest Row; so most of the products do not ever go "out of stock". The prices sometimes vary, with different "special offers" over the years.  If you ever have two catalogues which offer the same item you will only ever be charged the LOWER price.

Each catalogue showcases a new poem by John the Poet or one of his associates.  It has always been averred that these "first editions" will one day be worth something; so, many people collect the catalogues.  Below you will find a picture of each catalogue cover labelled for the first time with the year of production, so you can keep your collection in order.

IF YOU CLICK ON THE MOST RECENT IMAGES  BELOW YOU WILL BE SHOWN THE ACTUAL CATALOGUE as an electronic "flipping book".  A wonderful piece of software.  Click the link below the catalogue cover illustration.  You may be surprised !  If  you see any item in any of these catalogues which is not on the website e-mail us.  We may be able to find the piece somewhere.


2014 "APPLE CATALOGUE" introduced with "Livelong Day"

2012 "BLUEBELLS CATALOGUE" introduced with "The Wishbone"

2011 "PRIMROSE CATALOGUE" introduced with "Royal Wedding"

2010 "VIOLETS CATALOGUE" introduced with "After Dinner Mints"

Poppies Cover
2009 "POPPIES CATALOGUE" introduced with "The Indefinite Article"

2008 "LABURNUM CATALOGUE" introduced with "Mr Muscle"

2007 "LILAC CATALOGUE" introduced with "The Missing Piece"
2007 "BLUE TIT CATALOGUE" introduced with "Flyleaf"

2006 "APPLE BLOSSOM CATALOGUE" introduced with "Wainwright's Wren"

2005 "PRIMROSE CATALOGUE" introduced with "Silver Aglets"

2004 "WILD ROSE CATALOGUE" introduced with "The Master"

2003 "WISTERIA CATALOGUE" introduced with "Whiskers"

2002 "BLUE FLAG CATALOGUE" introduced with "Windfalls"

2001 "BUDDLEIA CATALOGUE" introduced with "Lavender"

2000 "DAFFODILS CATALOGUE" complete with the poem "Going for a Song"

1999 "FOXGLOVES" CATALOGUE complete with the poem "Foxgloves"

1998 "BLUEBELLS" CATALOGUE complete with the poem "Bluebells"  

1997 "VETCH" CATALOGUE  complete with the poem "Eggs and Bacon"   

1996 "GUIDE DOG" CATALOGUE introduced with the poem "Guide Dog"   

1995 "NATIVITY" CATALOGUE introduced with the poem "Christmas Eve"  

1994 "BINDWEED" CATALOGUE introduced with the poem "Barbados"      

1993 "ROSE TRELLIS" CATALOGUE introduced with the poem "Word Perfect" by I.O'Silver    

1992 "TWIGS" CATALOGUE introduced with  the poem "Winter Fuel"      

1991 "HOLLY BLUE" CATALOGUE introduced with "Jack by the Hedge" by John "Silver" Plate

1990 "BLUETIT" CATALOGUE introduced with "The Unwelcome Attention" by John Silver